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7dayshop actioncam

(a GoPro style camera)


I’ve been using this for a while, now, and it seems to be holding up quite well. I bought it from 7dayshop.


What’s in the box? (see manual)

         (1) The camera.

         (2) A waterproof case.

       (19) One battery (more now available from the shop).

    (3)(4) Two helmet mounts (concave to fit).

         (8) One bottom bracket with a standard 1/4” screw thread camera fitting.

         (3) One clip that clips to the waterproof case, and has slots to thread an elastic strap through,

               more for helmets, or possibly hard to your head? Quite useful.

      (23) One remote control (R/F).

      (13) One 220v psu with USB charging socket.

(12)(14)Two USB leads, one for data & power, one just power (why on earth not supply two of the same,

             Power and data?).

       (7) One phono lead to attach to your TV.

     (18) One wrist strap.

     (21) Three straps to attach the camera in various configurations.

     (21) One elastic strap specifically for the remote (just right for your wrist)

     (16) One velour black bag for the camera only.



The camera.

Specs from the 7dayshop website...


3, 5 or 8 megapixel photo modes

1.5” colour LCD display (for viewfinder & playback)

3x digital zoom & wide view angle 150°

Waterproof remote control (up to 5 metres)

Built in speaker and microphone

AV out and HDMI output

Supports microSD / microSDHC cards up to 32GB

Full HD video 1920 x 1080 (1080p) at 30fps

H.264 advanced compression

Includes professional waterproof case with ON/OFF function (up to 30 metres)[No it doesn’t! It cannot be turned on/off whilst in the case. You have to insert it whilst switched on, then rely on the sleep function to automatically turn itself off. It’s really not too much hassle, though. Whilst in sleep mode, one touch of the shutter button wakes it up.]

Rechargeable and replaceable high capacity lithium-ion battery (2.5 hours working time)


My opinion...

      The camera body feels solid, and looks well made. It’s coated with a compound that has a slight rubbery feel to it, so it’s not slippery in the hand. The LCD screen is effective, and has good enough resolution to access  the various settings available. On the right hand side are the outputs, a model specific USB plug to the actioncam, which although is a reasonably common plug for cameras, is wired differently. The lead from my Fuji will not work, even though it’s the correct plug fitting! Bugger! So you only have the one lead to pull data off. Not clever, at all!

Battery: 7dayshop was really fantastic, as when I asked them for a spare battery, within three emails, they’d put spare batteries on their site. Well done! I would hope that if I needed another data lead they would do the same again.


    On the right hand side is the USB output, and micro HDMI (looks gold plated). These are next to the battery compartment. On the left hand side of the camera is an A/V out, the (micro) SD card holder and another hole, I have no idea, yet!

    Because the lens is flat, it’s my choice to trim a phone screen protector, and to slap it on. Sorted!

On the bottom is the 1/4” std camera fitting. On the top of the camera is the on/off switch, a little too delicate for me, with the shooting buttons either side. These feel fine to use, with a nice tactile operation. The idiot lights work well, but with my eyesight,, when the camera is a few feet away from me, in daylight, they are difficult to see. But it is a small camera, so no real foul.


    The waterproof case feels really well made, with a solid snap when closing the door.


    The remote works well, but you have to remember to “wake” the camera up first, before you shoot. This can be difficult to gauge, when you have that shot that you need to take right now! Range is crap, about 3’-4’.

Failures so far: One. The tri-point thumbscrew to attach the cam to the bracket split. A touch of  cyano cured that, though, plus I’ve got a shed full of 1/4” whit screws!


This has been just a quickie review. Is it worth the money? I’d say yes. Is it as good as the GoPro? I don’t have one, but the main drawback is the lack of sources for bits. It’s 7dayshop, or nowt, you can get bits for GoPro all over...and the same problem as with all this type of case, you can’t turn it on or off when in the case!


Up to now, I’m a happy bunny. Here’s the manual.


Update 2014... Mobius is the boy, at the mo. See Techmoan’s review.


Videos to You Tube