On the net since 1994. Still don’t know what I’m doing.


Tried it. Love it.  I needed exercise with my duff feet, so this is ideal.Here's a fun trip. Get into the canal, paddle for a couple of hours, turn around, and hit every pub on the way back as a way of getting a general anesthetic fix. Feet on roller-skates. Reet good fun! Won't ever sell my boat. This one is me (in the background - red top, black cap) at Anglesey.

Flying microlights

My nephew at Barton Aerodrome, about to take to the air in the aircraft I started in (Blade). This is the type of aircraft I used to fly, although the weather and money considerations made it hard to get up as often as I would have liked.

I earned my NPPL, allowed it to run out (didn't get the 5hrs in), let my flexwing's permit run out and eventually gave it all up. I had a blast, got my licence (another lifebox ticked), but decided that the paperwork and bulls#*t from the government was too much. I turned to free flight. No regrets.


And ended up like this. Thanks, Airborne, & especially you, Ned!

I now fly with the BHPA,

My accident was unusual, and rare (you know, sh** Happens.). Car journeys are fraught with more danger, so I'm saying if you fancy a slice, GO FOR IT! You won't regret it. I've been flying at Barton since the splash, without so much as a stubbed toe!

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  I used to dive. I started about 35 years ago, and have let it slip, due to my accident.

Above is a shot taken in the Blue Planet Aquarium, in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. It's a big fish tank, with sharks, rays etc. Ginger took this shot through the Plexiglas tunnel. I'm the handsome one on the left, holding a shark's tooth. The other ugly is my mate, Dave C. Sand sharks and rays are your companions, here. Diving without either your fins or knife is strange.

A question... If you return from a deep dive to the pub, should you drink beer propelled by nitrogen?


My diving was "back in the day" (no digital cameras), so there's not a lot of images around. We were too busy having fun to bother recording any of it...Now that my mind is drifting...

Radio control modelling.

I have a small electric car, an electric boat and I fly several model planes. Planes include the Multiplex Cargo (electric), Twin Jet (electric), Balsacraft Spitfire (electric), Easy Pigeon (electric glider), and a Crazy Sparrow . Quiet and peaceful. I am building a Bird Dog of about 83" span, with a  Webra 61F. Highly recommended. No running costs for electric (or minimal, at least). Too much to put here, so I've linked to a separate page.


Don't buy a boat unless you sit in it first. Plastic for rough stuff, fibreglass isn't so hot, these days.


I spent a day with Tony Delaney of Airborne.  This is what they got up to on Anglesey.


Want to know how to make a weak link? Here's mine. Photo 1, photo 2.


Tow operations are an excellent introduction for potential hill flyers, I'm surprised more pilots don't start this way. Really.  It is the easiest, most convenient and safest way to learn..


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Tony Delaney

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Here's an old one. A wonderful shot. Please feel free to download. Greg tells me it's probably a Harley 288. No date yet, though.