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Fusion 200W PSU


On power up, this unit was very pleasing to the eye, but the first thing that bugged me was the display. The top reading is voltage supplied, the bottom display is the current being used.

The adjusting knobs are upside down, the voltage knob on the bottom, and the current knob on the top!


You cannot adjust the current knob to accurately pre-set the current limit, other than the printed values on the case, marked at 5A & 10A - how accurate is that going to be? (see image on the left)


Having said that, it’s still a good value way  to get a 200W/15A supply onto your bench, but is no way a replacement for a real bench PSU. If you want a low cost way to get a decent supply, make one from a computer ATX psu, there’s plenty of instructables around to do that.


I bought this from saveaquid on fleabay, and they were fast with postage, and gave me a quick reply to my query, so thanks, folks!


A good price 15A supply, with digital readouts, and lightweight.


Here’s the manual